Advances in Abrasive Technology XV
Editors: Y.F. Zhang, D.L. Butler, J. Wang, X.P. Li, A. Yui and L. Zhou
5690 pages 110 papers ISBN-13: 978-3-03785-467-9
Advanced Materials Research (Volume 565)
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BOOK NOTES---   This book is a latest in a series that began in 1997 under the guidance of the Japan Society of Grinding Engineers and others which later became an organization know as ISAAT. Dr. Stewart Salmon, Advance Manufacturing Technology, is one of the founding members of that organization. These publications, which are all available through the Abrasive Engineering Society are a chronicle of the research in Asian and Pacific Rim countries as well as a few other groups around the world. Poor English translation in some places reduces readability, but the essential facts are always presented. The coverage is a good indicator of trends in manufacturing as well as the focus of research programs and priorities set by national and regional governments. Although North American and European research have held a lead in conventional abrasives technologies, many papers show the efforts o organizations outside Western circles to make contributions to abrasives technology and close technology gaps. As described in the preface technical papers cover all aspects of grinding including machining, polishing, cut off, water jet, and more. Note these peer-reviewed papers that were approved and carefully selected by prominent researcher in the field of abrasives technology. A more detail commentary on the papers is available in a special issue of the Abrasive User's News Fax. For other volumes in the ISAAT series click here.
Abstracts of papers can be viewed online from the publisher's website. Just click on the word "sample" and you will be linked to an image of the first page of the report, which includes an abstract, keywords and introductory comments. Full papers can be obtained in digital format from the Abrasive Engineering Society. Payment by credit card or Paypal is preferred. To order online click here. Direct questions to contact the Abrasive Engineering Society.


  • Ultrafine Surface Finishing of Fused Silica Glass Using MCF (Magnetic Compound Fluid) Wheel
        Yong Bo Wu, L. Jiao, Hui Ru Guo, M. Fujimoto, K. Shimada 3    sample
  • Study on the High-Efficiency Smoothness Grinding of Soft Magnetic Powder Cores
        Tomoyuki Ueno, Tomoyuki Ishimine, Kenji Matsunuma, Takao Nishioka, Yasushi Mochida, Yoshiyuki Shimada 10    sample
  • Grinding Performance Using Alkaline Electrolyzed and High-Frequency Reduced Water
        Shinichi Iba, Kazuhito Ohashi, Kazuyuki Honiden, Iwao Kitajima, Shinya Tsukamoto 16    sample
  • Study on Grinding Processing of Sapphire Wafer
        Yutaro Ebina, Wei Hang, Li Bo Zhou, Jun Shimizu, Onuki Teppei, Hirotaka Ojima, Yoshiaki Tashiro 22    sample
  • Effect of the Grain Depth of Cut on Cross Sectional Profile - Theoretical Analysis of Ground Surface Roughness
        Nobuhito Yoshihara, Hiroaki Murakami, Naohiro Nishikawa, Masahiro Mizuno, Toshirou Iyama 28   sample
  • Development of a Vitrified Bonded Superabrasive Wheel with Electrical Conductivity and its Application
        Manabu Iwai, Yuya Kazui, Shinichi Ninomiya, Kiyoshi Suzuki 34   sample
  • Fundamental Study on Setting of Diamond Abrasive Grains Using Electrostatic Force for Single-Layered Metal Bond Wheel
        Kazuhito Ohashi, Yusaku Kawasuji, Yoshifumi Shinji, Yoshitaka Samejima, Soma Ogawa, Shinya Tsukamoto 40    sample
  • Porous Composite-Bonded CBN Grinding Wheel with Alumina Bubbles
        Z.Z. Chen, Wen Feng Ding, Jiu Hua Xu, C.J. Song, Y.C. Fu, C.Y. Yang 46    sample
  • Estimation of the Grinding Time by Means of the Grinding Process Model
        Takazo Yamada, Hwa Soo Lee, Kohichi Miura 52   sample
  • Study on the Simulation of Grinding Burn
        Tian Biao Yu, Cong Li, Dong Xue Zhang, Wan Shan Wang 58    sample
  • Experimental Research on the Abrasive Belt Grinding Titanium Alloy Blade of Aviation Engine
        Hua Chai, Yun Huang, Yun Zhao, Xin Dong Zhang 64    sample
  • Testing of a CNC Control Abrasive Belt Grinding Machine Based on Ultrasonic Thick Measure for Nuclear Zirconium Alloy
        Yun Huang, Cao Yong Tang, Ming Xiang Zhang, Ya Jie Wang, Yong Sheng Chen 70   sample
  • Research on the Key Technology of NC Abrasive Belt Grinding for the Leading and Trailing Edges of Aeroengine Blades
        Yun Huang, Xiao Xiao Ye, Ming De Zhang, Hong Wen Fang 76   sample
  • Optimal Design of the Grinding Parameter on Zr-4 Cladding Tubes Abrasive Belt Grinding Based on BP and GA
        Yu Yang, Yun Huang, Ming Xiang Zhang, He Ping Wei 82   sample
  • Experimental Investigation on Grinding Surface Condition of 9Mn2V under Different Tempering Processes
        Ming Chen, Da Peng Dong, Guo Giang Guo, Qing Long An 88   sample
  • Grinding Force in Creep Feed Grinding of Titanium Alloy with Monolayer Brazed CBN Wheels
        Chang Yong Yang, Jiu Hua Xu, Wen Feng Ding 94    sample
  • Accurate Extraction of Normal Residual Error for Compensation Grinding
        Feng Jun Chen, Shao Hui Yin, Jian Wu Yu 100    sample
  • Grinding Performance Evaluation of the Developed Chemo-Mechanical Grinding (CMG) Tools for Sapphire Substrate
        Zhi Gang Dong, Shang Gao, P. Zhou, Ren Ke Kang, Dong Ming Guo 105    sample
  • A Grinding Protocol for the Fabrication of Micro/Meso Aspheric Moulds for Optic Applications
        Han Huang 111   sample
  • Industrial Application of the MCG (Minimum Coolant Grinding) Technology
        Inigo Pombo, Jose Antonio S└ └nchez, E. Garc└, N. Ortega, B. Izquierdo, Soraya Plaza 117   sample
  • The Characteristics of High-Speed Cylindrical Grinding of Silicon Carbide and its Influence on the Surface Layer
        Jia Ming Ni, Bei Zhi Li, Jing Zhu Pang 123    sample
  • An Experimental Investigation of Ultrasonic Assisted Grinding in DOE Approach
        Kyeong Tae Kim, Yun Hyuck Hong, Kyung Hee Park, Young Jae Choi, Seok Woo Lee, Hon Zong Choi 129    sample
  • Design of Ultrasonic Horn for Grinding Using Finite Element Method
        Young Jae Choi, Kyung Hee Park, Yun Hyuck Hong, Kyeong Tae Kim, Seok Woo Lee, Hon Zong Choi 135   sample
  • Experimental Investigation on Ultrasonic Assisted Grinding of High Volume Fraction SiC Particles Reinforced Al Matrix Composites
        Z.G. Dong, F.J. Ma, Ren Ke Kang, K. Su 142   sample
  • Effects of Ultrasonic Frequencies on Grinding Force of Nano-Composite Ceramics Based on Nonlocal Theory
        Bo Zhao, Ping Yan Bian, Yu Li 148    sample
  • Experimental Research on Surface Roughness of Ultrasonic Assisted Grinding in Face Grinding Process
        Fei Hu Zhang, L.F. Liu, C.H. Li 154   sample
  • Experimental Research on Dry Grinding of Titanium Alloy with Graphite Coated Brazed cBN Mounted Wheel
        Jie Wu, Yan Chen, Yu Can Fu, Lan Ying Ding, Kai Chen 160    sample
  • Research on Functional Surface Grinding of Medical Titanium Plate
        Wan Shan Wang, Bao Gang Zhang, Hai Feng Zhao, Wei Wang, Hu Li 165    sample
  • Thermal Characteristics Analysis of Liquid Hybrid Bearing on Ultra-High Speed Grinding
        Xue Zhi Wang, Tian Biao Yu, Ya Hong Song, Wan Shan Wang 171   sample
  • Three Dimensional Analysis of a Grinding Wheel Surface with Image Processing
        Akihiro Sakaguchi, Tomoyuki Kawashita, Shuji Matsuo 177    sample
  • Genetic Programming for Grinding Surface Roughness Modelling
        Xun Chen, Asma Alabed 183   sample
  • Research Progress of On-Line Measurement and Compensation Technology about Grinding Wheel Wear
        Wei Liu, Zhao Hui Deng, Lin Lin Wan, Hao Tang 190    sample
  • Influence of the Metallurgical Transformation Induced by Grinding on the Residual Stresses Computation
        Sawsen Youssef, Haifa Sallem, Alexandre Brosse, H└ └di Hamdi 196   sample
  • Performance of Newly Developed Single-Point Diamond Dresser in Terms of Cutting-Point Rake Angle
        Yasushi Mochida, Akihiko Kubo, Jun└$ └ichi Tamaki, Katsuko Harano, Hitoshi Sumiya, A.M.M. Sharif Ullah 205    sample
  • Thermo-Chemical Dressing of Coarse Grained Diamond Grinding Wheels
        Oltmann Riemer, Yildirim Mutlug└ └nes 211    sample
  • T-Dress, A Novel Approach in Dressing and Structuring of Grinding Wheels
        Taghi Tawakoli, Amir Daneshi 217    sample
  • Visualization of Grinding Wheel Surface Topography for Multiple Passes of Rotary Diamond Dresser
        M.A.K. Chowdhury, Jun└$ └ichi Tamaki, Akihiko Kubo, A.M.M. Sharif Ullah 222   sample
  • Preliminary Studies for Precision Polishing of Micro Structured Mold by Using Three-Dimensional Low Frequency Vibration Utilizing Piezoelectric Actuator Incorporated with Mechanical Amplitude Magnified Mechanism
        Sze Keat Chee, Hirofumi Suzuki, Junichi Uehara, Takeshi Yano, Toshiro Higuchi 231">   sample
  • Influence of Lapping Parameters on 6H-SiC Crystal Substrate (0001) C Surface Based on Diamond Particle
        Jian Xiu Su, Xing Long Liu, Zhu Qing Zhang, Zhi Xiang Liu 237   sample
  • Influence of Polishing and Pressing Force on the Material Removal Rate in Fixed Abrasive Polishing with Compact Robot
        Masaki Niwa, Sachiko Ogawa, Toshiki Hirogaki, Eiichi Aoyama, Yoshiaki Onchi 243   sample
  • Surface Roughness as a Function of Work Done by Tangential Force in Magneto-Rheological Finishing
        Chun Wai Kum, Takashi Sato, Stephen Wan 249   sample
  • Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted Mechanical Chemical Polishing (MCP) of Silicon Carbide
        Yunn Shiuan Liao, Y.P. Yu, C.W. Huang 255   sample
  • The Key Technologies and Advances of Ultra-Precision Single-Plane Polishing and Lapping Devices
        Qing Jian Li, Cheng Yong Wang, Li Juan Zheng, Yu Jia Wang, Yue Xian Song 261   sample
  • Parameters Optimization on the Lapping Process with Porous Self-Generation Superabrasive Tool by Applying Taguchi Method
        Bing Hai Lv, Zhe Wu, Ju Long Yuan, Qian Fa Deng, Ping Zhao 267    sample
  • Experimental Study on Polishing Properties of Silicone Oil Based Magnetic Compound Fluid
        Shao Hui Yin, Zhen Yong Cheng, Zhi Qiang Xu, Feng Jun Chen, Jian Wu Yu 273   sample
  • Vibratory Finishing of Immobilized Cylinders
        Stephen Wan, Takashi Sato, Andry Hartawan 278   sample
  • Framework for the Analysis of Mass Finishing Processes
        Stephen Wan 284   sample
  • Simulation of 1D Abrasive Vibratory Finishing Process
        Prakasam Pradeep Kumar, Subbiah Sathyan 290   sample
  • A Study on the Characteristics of a Wafer Final Polishing Process at Various Machining and Temperature Variation
        Sung Hyun Kim, Sang Gyun Lee, Seung Gun Choi, Woong Kirl Choi, Eun Sang Lee, Chul Hee Lee, Hon Zong Choi 296    sample
  • Effect of Fabrication Conditions on Ultra-Fine Abrasive Polishing Pad
        Yun He Zhang, Jing Lu, Hui Huang, Xi Peng Xu 302    sample
  • A New Automatic Backlash Adjustment Method for Lapping of Spiral Bevel Gear
        Jian Wu Yu, Yi Jian Deng, Wen Yi Zou, Gong Fa Zhang 307   sample
  • Kinematics Simulation of Eccentric Dual Rotated-Plates Lapping for Bearing Balls
        Wei Feng Yao, Ju Long Yuan, Bing Hai Lv, Qian Fa Deng 312    sample
  • Research on the Workpiece Kinematics in Face Lapping with Friction Drive
        Uwe Heisel, Philipp Jakob 318   sample
  • Slurry Flow Visualisation of Chemical Mechanical Polishing Based on a Computational Fluid Dynamics Model
        Y.B. Tian, S.T. Lai, Z.W. Zhong 324    sample
  • Simulation of CMP Process Based on Mixed Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication Model with Layered Elastic Theory
        Ping Zhou, Ren Ke Kang, Zhu Ji Jin, Dong Ming Guo 330   sample
  • An Experimental Study of the Abrasive Water Jet Micro-Machining Process for Quartz Crystals
        H. Qi, J.M. Fan, Jun Wang 339    sample
  • A 3D Simulation on Fluid Field at the Impact Zone of Abrasive Water Jet under Different Impact Angles
        Zhe Lv, Chuan Zhen Huang, Jun Wang, Hong Tao Zhu, Cui Lian Che 345   sample
  • The Effect of Abrasive Water Jet Process Variables on Surface and Subsurface Condition of Inconel 718
        Gustavo A. Escobar-Palafox, Rosemary S. Gault, Keith Ridgway 351   sample
  • Effect of Ground Surface Roughness of Ball End Mill on Cutting Characteristics
        Masahiro Furuno, Koichi Kitajima, Takeshi Akamatsu 359    sample
  • Dress Cutting Characteristics of Plastic Pipe by Using Knife Edge Tool
        Eitoku Nakanishi, Seijiro Maki, Makoto Aoki 365    sample
  • Effect of MnS on the Cutting Mechanism of Powder Metallurgy Steel in Cutting Speeds Ranging from 1 m/s to 150 m/s
        Jun Shinozuka, Hidenobu Yachi, Tappei Higashi, Masato Sando, Toshio Maetani, Shigeru Unami, Yukiko Ozaki 370   sample
  • Study of Deep-Hole Machining of Stainless Steel with Small-Diameter Drill
        Yoshiyuki Masuta, Koichi Okuda, Hiroo Shizuka, Masayuki Nunobiki 376    sample
  • Finish Cutting of Carbide Mold with Thermally Affected Layer by Diamond Tool
        Kazuki Imazato, Koichi Okuda, Hiroo Shizuka, Masayuki Nunobiki 382   sample
  • The Effects of Resharpening Accuracy on Drill Failure and Hole Straightness in High Aspect Ratio Gundrilling of Inconel-718
        Keng Soon Woon, Shigeyuki Kanno, Kui Liu 388    sample
  • Effects of Ultrasonic Vibrations Given to an Electrode on the EDM Performance in Processing PCD
        Kiyoshi Suzuki, Takuya Takada, Zhi Rong Zhou, Takuya Okamichi, Manabu Iwai, Shinichi Ninomiya 394    sample
  • Surface Finishing of Electrically Conductive Diamond Tools by Electrolytic Machining
        Manabu Iwai, Kiyoshi Suzuki 400   sample
  • Proposal of Purification Method of Grinding Coolant by Dissolution of Micro-Bubbles
        Haruhisa Sakamoto, Hitoshi Tsubakiyama, Masaki Takeishi 406    sample
  • Filter-Less Purification of a Water-Soluble Coolant by Using PGA Based Flocculants and Microbubbles
        Shinichi Ninomiya, Keita Komuro, Manabu Iwai, Kiyoshi Suzuki 412    sample
  • Slicing Brittle Material with Active Braze Coating Diamond Wire
        Pei Lum Tso, Yong Ting Chen, Wen Liang Pai 419   sample
  • Improving Tool Wear Resistance in Steel Cutting by Textured Surface and its Mechanism
       Tatsuya Sugihara, Toshiyuki Enomoto, Satoshi Yukinaga 424   sample
  • Micro-Structuring on Cylindrical Inner Surface Using Whirling Electrical Discharge Texturing |
        Vitchuda Lertphokanont, Takayuki Sato, Minoru Ota, Keishi Yamaguchi, Kai Egashira 430    sample
  • Study on the Combined Machining Technology of Sawing and Grinding for Drilling Aramid/Epoxy Composites
        Han Gao, Yuan Zhuang, Ben Wang, Jun Liang Huang 436   sample
  • Investigation of Micro-Drilling for Printed Circuit Boards Containing High-Hardness Fillers
        Taiji Funabiki, Toshiki Hirogaki, Eiichi Aoyama, Keiji Ogawa, Hiroyuki Kodama 442    sample
  • Modeling the Property Variation of Diamond Composite and its Impact on the Reliability of Cutting Tools
        Yong Sun, Xing S. Li 448   sample
  • Cutting Forces and Tool Wear in Dry Milling of Ti6Al4V
        Yun Chen, Huai Zhong Li, Jun Wang 454   sample
  • Development of Al2O3/TiCN Ceramic Composite Cutting Tool and Research on its Milling Performance
        Ping Zou, Xu Lei Yang, Cong Yun Li, Wen Yuan Tian, Li Jie Chen 460    sample
  • Ball-End Milling of Cr12MoV Die Steel Using Ceramic Tool and Cements Carbide Tool
        Bin Zou, Chuan Zhen Huang, Zi Ye Liu, Xin Qiang Zhuang, Jun Wang 466">    sample
  • An End-Milling Condition Decision Support System Using Data-Mining for Difficult-to-Cut Materials
        Hiroyuki Kodama, Masatoshi Shindou, Toshiki Hirogaki, Eiichi Aoyama, Keiji Ogawa 472    sample
  • Research on the Drilling Temperature Field Model of the Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Epoxy Composites
        Guo Ping Zhu, Yong Jie Bao, Hang Gao 478   sample
  • Chip Formation Characteristics in High-Speed Machining of Hardened AISI1045 Steel
        Bing Wang, Zhan Qiang Liu, Qi Biao Yang 484   sample
  • Mechanical Behavior of Single Crystal Copper for Different Shearing Directions
        Seisuke Kano, Atsushi Korenaga 490   sample
  • Machinability Study on Hard Milling of Ultra-High Strength Steel 30Cr3SiNiMoVA
        Ming Chen, Jin Yang Xu, Zhi Qiang Liu, Qing Long An 496 &   sample
  • Review of Microelectrode Fabrication
        Pei Chao Liu, Jun Zhou, Shou Lei Li, Hong Ming Ma 503   sample
  • Surface Quality Improvement in Meso-Scale Milling with Spindle Axial Directional Ultrasonic Vibration Assistance
        Jeong Hoon Ko, Kah Chuan Shaw, Sha Wei Tan, Rong Ming Lin 508    sample
  • Basic Study on Micro V-Groove Cutting of Tungsten Carbide Using Diamond Tools
        Takayuki Kitajima, Shigeki Okuyama, Akinori Yui 517   sample
  • Study on Fine Groove Milling of Microchannel Dies Tool Bending in Milling of Micro-Grooves
        Kenichi Iwatsuka, Yoshihito Isokawa, Yukio Maeda, Hideaki Tanaka, Takanori Yazawa, Shinya Suzuki 523   sample
  • Effect of Different Dielectric Fluids on Micro EDM of Low Conductivity Ceramic Material RB-SiC
        Pay Jun Liew, Ji Wang Yan, Takeshi Masaki, Tunemoto Kuriyagawa 529    sample
  • A Processing Technical Analysis for the Characteristics of Forces and Surface Roughness in Micro-Scale Milling
        Ya Dong Gong, Jin Feng Zhang, Jun Cheng, Yong Zhen Zhang 535    sample
  • Experimental Study on Cutting Performance in Micro-Grinding Hard Brittle Materials
        Ya Dong Gong, Jun Cheng, Zhi Zheng Wu, Chao Wang, Jin Feng Zhang 541    sample
  • Atomic-Scale Grooving on Copper: End-Milling vs. Peripheral-Milling
        D.D. Cui, Kausala Mylvaganam, Liang Chi Zhang 546   sample
  • Micro Milling for Polymer Materials Used in Prototyping of Microfluidic Chip Application
        Aramcharoen Ampara, Kah Chuan Sean Shaw, Kui Liu 552   sample
  • An Experimental Study of the Effect of Cutting Parameters on Micro Milling Process
        Bing Wu, Huai Zhong Li, Jun Wang, Xiu Bing Jing 558    sample
  • Mechanical Properties and Deformation of LiTaO3 Single Crystals Characterised by Nanoindentation and Nanoscratch
        An Shun He, Han Huang, Li Bo Zhou 564    sample
  • Determination of the Minimum Depth of Cut in Nanometric Machining Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation
        Akinjide Oluwajobi, Xun Chen 570    sample
  • A Non-Dimensional Analysis of Tool Edge Radius Effect on the Mechanics of Micromachining
        Keng Soon Woon, Rahman Mustafizur, Kui Liu 576    sample
  • Influence of Centrifugal Force on Characteristics of Turbine Shaft for Micro-Spindle for Micro-Cutting
        Wei Li, Zhi Xiong Zhou, Xiang Ming Huang, Chen Chen, Ling Yun Meng 582   sample
  • Effect of Machining of Small Tools by Means of Focused Ion Beam
        Kohichi Miura, Syou Satoh, Takazo Yamada, Hwa Soo Lee 588    sample
  • Application of Cavitation Aided Abrasive Machining to Manufacture of Micro Air Vents on Injection Molds
        N. Lu, K. Ohashi, A. Hirashima, A. Shimizu, S. Tsukamoto 597   sample
  • Static Properties Research of Grinding Dynamometer for Wafer Grinder
        Jun Zhang, Yin Bai, Min Qian 603   sample
  • Development of Ultra-Precision Grinder for 300mm Wafers
        X.L. Zhu, Z.G. Dong, Ren Ke Kang, D.M. Guo 609    sample
  • Deposition and Tribological Properties of CVD Diamond/Diamond-Like Carbon Composite Films
        Bin Shen, Liang Wang, Su Lin Chen, Fang Hong Sun 615   sample
  • Thermal Analysis of Multi-Pass Laser Irradiation on Fused Silica
        Peng Yao, Chuan Zhen Huang, Jun Wang, Tunemoto Kuriyagawa 621"    sample
  • Study on Friction Coefficient between Carbon/Epoxy Composites and a Monocrystalline Diamond under Different Temperatures
        Ben Wang, Hang Gao, Song Peng Zhang, Yong Jie Bao 627    sample
  • Simulation of Temperature Field Induced in Localized Ultra-High Frequency Induction Brazing of Diamond Tools
        Qi Lin Li, Jiu Hua Xu, Hong Hua Su, Yu Can Fu 633   sample
  • Study of Acoustic System Characteristics of Ultrasonic Machining Based on Similarity Principle
        Ping Yan Bian, Bo Zhao, Zhe Liu 639   sample
  • Thermal-Mechanical Analysis of Hybrid Spindle System Based on FEM
       Wan Shan Wang, Peng Guan, Tian Biao Yu 644   sample
  • Study on Microstructure and Friction of Bimetal 1.5Cr4.8Ni with Cast Iron and Low Carbon Steel
        Q. Zhang, Zheng Yi Jiang, Guo Liang Xie, Dong Bin Wei, Jing Tao Han 650   sample
  • Research on Digital Filters for Si Wafer Surface Profile Measurement - Design of Filters by Total Variation
        Hirotaka Ojima, Kazutaka Nonomura, Li Bo Zhou, Jun Shimizu, Teppei Onuki 656   sample
  • Application of Automatic Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurement System in Nuclear Fuel Encrust Tube Billet Wall Abrasive Grinding
        Yun Huang, Yong Sheng Chen, Wei Wan, Cao Yong Tang, Ming De Zhang 662    sample

    SUBJECT INDEX --Keywords chosen by writers
    9Mn2V 88

    Abrasive Belt Grinding 64   70   76
    Abrasive Belt Wear 64
    Abrasive Grain 177
    Abrasive Process Modeling 249
    Abrasive Water Jet 339   345
    Abrasive Water Jet Machining 351
    Abrasive Wear 290
    Acoustic System 639
    Active Braze Coating Diamond 419
    Additional Machining 588
    AISI 52100 196
    AIS11045 Steel 484
    A1203/TiCN 460
    Alkaline Electrolysis 16
    Alumina Bubbles 46
    Analysis 58
    Aramid/Epoxy Composites 436
    Aspheric Grinding 100
    Automatic Backlash Adjustment 307
    Automatic Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurement 662
    Back Rake Angle 205
    Ball End Mill 359
    Ball Milling 466
    Bearing Balls 312
    Bending Strength 46
    Bimetal 650
    Blade 365
    Blade of Aviation Engine 64
    BP 82
    Brazed cBN Mounted Wheel 160
    Brazed CBN Wheel 94
    Brittle 419
    Burr 597
    Carbon/Epoxy Composite   627
    Carrier 312
    Cast Iron 650
    Catalog Data 472
    Cavitation Aided Abrasive Machining 597
    CBN Grinding Tool 129
    Cemented Carbide Tool 466
    Cemented Carbides 382
    Centrifugal Force 582
    Ceramic 123
    Ceramic Abrasion Wheel 165
    Ceramic Composite Material 460
    Ceramic Tool 466
    CFD 171   345
    Chemical Mechanical Polishing 330
    Chip Formation 484   576
    Chip Morphology 484
    Clogging Degree 64
    CMG 105
    CMP 324
    C02 Laser Irradiation 621
    Compact Robot 243
    Compensation 111   190
    Complex Vibration 394
    Composite Nano Ceramics 148
    Composites 478
    Computational Fluid
    Dynamics (CFD) 284   324
    Contact Mechanic 330
    Contact Stiffness 52
    Coolant 406
    Coolant Purification 412
    Cooling System 261
    Copper 490   546
    Crl2MoV 466
    Crater 430
    Creep Feed Grinding 94
    Cross Sectional Profile 28
    CrSiN Coating Film 359
    Cutting 517   523
    Cutting Condition 376
    Cutting Edge 177
    Cutting Force 359   442   454   558
    Cutting Mechanism 370
    Cutting Parameters 558
    Cutting Performance 541
    Cutting Surface Roughness 359
    Cutting Tool 424   448   460
    Cutting Tool Type Diamond Dresser 205
    CVD Diamond Film 400
    CVD Diamond/DLC Composite Film 615
    Data Mining 472
    Deep Hole Drilling 388
    Deformation 111   564
    Deionized Water 529
    Denoising 656
    Deposit Volume 359
    Design of Experiment (DOE) 129
    Developing Course 503
    Diamond 627
    Diamond Abrasive Grain 40
    Diamond Composite 448
    Diamond Cutting 382
    Diamond Grinding Too] 135
    Diamond Tool 400   517
    Diamond Wear 211
    Diamond Wheels 22
    Difficult to Cut Materials 472
    Digital Filter 656
    Double Teeth Touching 307
    Dressing 211   217
    Dressing System 261
    Drilling 478
    Drilling Tool 436
    Dynamometer 603
    Eccentric Dual >Rotated Plates Lapping 312
    Edge Treatment359
    EDM 394
    EDM Oil 529
    Elastic Kernel Function 148
    Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication 330
    Electrical Discharge Texturing 430
    Electrically Conductive Diamond 400
    Electrically Conductive Vitrified
    Bonded Wheel 34
    Electrode 394
    Electrode Wear 394
    Electrolytic Machining 400
    Electrostatic Force 40
    End Milling 472
    Envi ronment Friendly Coolant 16
    Error Compensation 76   100
    Experimental Study541
    Fabrication Conditions 302
    Finishing 249
    Finite Difference Method 478
    Finite Element Method (FEM) 644
    Fixed 278
    Fixed Abrasive Polishing 243
    Fixed Diamond Wire 419
    Focused Ion Beam 588
    Free Cutting 370
    Frequency 582
    Friction 650
    Friction Coefficient 627
    Friction Drive 318
    Fused Silica 621
    Fused Silica Glass 3
    Fuzzing Damage 436
    GA 82
    Genetic Programming 183
    Glass Surface 243
    Grain Depth of Cut 28
    Granular Flow Dynamics 284
    Granular Media Flow Simulation 278
    Graphite 160
    Graphite Fiber 529
    Grinding 16   34   117   165   183>
    190   196   217   406   436
    Grinding Burn 58
    Grinding for Wall Thickness 70
    Grinding Force 34   94   129   142
    148   205   603
    Grinding Parameters 58
    Grinding Performance 46
    Grinding Process 22
    Grinding Process Model 52
    Grinding Ratio 34
    Grinding Surface 88   359
    Grinding Temperature I 160
    Grinding Time 52
    Grinding Tool 105
    Grinding Surface Topography 205   222
    Ground Depth of Cut 52
    Ground Surface Roughness 28   205
    Hard Brittle Materials 541
    Hard Milling 496
    Hard Water 412
    Height of Cutting Edge 177
    HFCVD .615
    Hierarchical Clustering 472
    High Efficiency Grinding 10
    High Frequency Reduction 16
    High Hardness Filler 442
    High Speed Cutting 370
    High Speed Grinding 123
    Hot Compression 650
    Hybrid Spindle System 644
    Image Processing System 177
    Impact Angle 345
    Inconel 718 351
    Induction Brazing 633
    Injection Mold 597
    Interface 650
    Internal Grinding 205
    Iteratively Partitioning 100
    JIS SUS3 I OS 472
    Jumping Phenomenon 40
    K9 Glass 154
    Kinematics Simulation 312
    Knife Edge Tool 365
    Lapping 237   267   318
    Lapping Process 307
    Layered Elastic Theory 330
    Leading Edge 76
    Lithium Tantalate 564
    Longitudinal Vibration Mode 135
    Machinability 496
    Machining 484
    Machining Performance 339
    Magneto Rheological Finishing 249
    Manganese Sulfide 370
    Manufacturing Method 503
    Mass Finishing 284
    Material Removal 3   76   243
    Material Removal Rate 237   394
    MCF (Magnetic Compound Fluid) 3   273
    MCG 117
    Mechanical Amplitude
    Magnified Mechanism 231
    Mechanical Chemical Polishing 255
    Mechanical Quality Factor 639
    Meso Scale Milling Process 508
    Metallurgical Transformation 196
    Micro Air Vents 597
    Micro Bubble 406
    Micro Channel 523
    Micro Drill 588
    Micro Drilling 442
    Micro EDM 529
    Micro Electrode 503
    Micro End Milling 535
    Micro Grinding _541
    Micro Hardness 484
    Micro Machining 339
    Micro Milling 552   558
    Micro Mould 111   231
    Micro Polishing 231
    Micro Spindle 582
    Micro Structuring 430
    Microbubbles 412
    Microfluidic 552
    Micromachining 576   588
    Microstructure III
    Milling 454   460
    Milling Forces 535
    Milling Parameters 535
    Minimum Depth of Cut 570
    Modeling 183
    Mold 517
    Molecular Dynamics 546
    Molecular Dynamics Simulation 570
    Motion Tracking 318
    MRR 105
    Multi Body Motion Simulation 318
    Multibody Dynamics 290
    Multiple Passes 222
    Nano End Milling 546
    Nano Peripheral M i I ling 546
    Nano Surface 243
    Nanogrinding III
    Nanoindentation 564
    Nanometric Machining 570
    Nanoscratch 564
    Nickel Chromium Based Superalloys 388
    Noise Transmission 307
    Non Hierarchical Clustering 472
    Nonlocal Theory 148
    Normal Residual Error 100
    Nuclear Fuel Encrust Tube Billet 662
    Numerical Simulation 633
    Oil Field Equipment 388
    On Line Measurement 190
    On Line Monitoring 609
    On Machine Contact Measurement 100
    Optimal Design 82
    Optimum Design 267
    Orthogonal Test 171
    Oscillation 296
    Partial Water Immersed 662
    PC 552
    PCD 34   394   400
    PGA Flocculation 412
    Pick 448
    Piezoelectric Actuator 231
    Piezoelectric Effect 603
    Plastic Deformation 576
    PMMA 552
    Polishing 273   278
    Polishing Force 243
    Polishing Pad 261   302   324
    Polishing Pressure 243
    Porous CBN Wheel 46
    Powder Metallurgy Steel 370
    Precision Grinding 211   609
    Press Cut 365
    Pressurization System 261
    Printed Circuit Boards 442
    Prisms 278
    Profile Measurement 656
    PSST 267
    Purification Method 406
    PVC Pipe 365
    PVD Coating 359
    Quartz Crystal 339
    Rake Surface 359
    Raster Scan 621
    RB SiC 529
    Reliability 448
    Removal 111   564
    Removal Mechanism 22
    Repair 621
    Residual Stress 196
    Resonance Frequency 639
    Response Surface Method 472
    Risk Analysis 448
    Rotary Diamond Dressing 222
    Rotary Table Type Surface Grinding 10
    Rough Surface 330
    Roughness Equation 249
    Sapphire Substrate 105
    Sapphire Wafer 22
    Sawing 436
    Shear Stress 490
    SiC 123
    SiC Monocrystal Substrate 237
    SiCp/Al 142
    Side Rake Angle 205
    Silicon Carbide 255
    Silicon Wafer 603   609
    Silicone Oil Based 273
    Similarity Principle 639
    Simulation 58   290   345
    Single Crystal 490
    Singie Layered Metal Bond Wheel 40
    Slurry Flow Visualisation 324
    Small Diameter Drill 376
    Smoothness Grinding 10
    Soft Magnetic Powder Cores 10
    Soft Water 412
    Sol Gel Technology 302
    Specific Cutting Force 523
    Spindle 261
    Spiral Bevel Gear 307
    Stainless Steel 376
    Statistical Grinding Theory 28
    Stress 582
    Structuring 217
    Subsurface Micro Cracks 621
    Super Finishing 10
    Surface 424
    Surface Finish 34
    Surface Finishing 3   400
    Surface Fracture 490
    Surface Integrity 123
    Surface Micro Cracks 621
    Surface Morphology 165
    Surface Quality 351   508   558
    Surface Roughness 3   105   154   160   183  237   273   296   382   394   406   535
    Surface Topography 142
    T Dress 217
    Taguchi Method 267
    Temperature 442   627
    Temperature Field 58   171   478   633
    Temperature Variation 296
    Tempering 88
    Texture 424
    Texture Area Ratio 430
    Thermal Analysis 621
    Thermal Characteristics 171
    Thermal Damage 117
    Thermal Mechanical Analysis ~ 644
    Thickness Measurement Technology 70
    Thin Walled Blades 76
    Three Dimensional Measurement 177
    Thrust 442
    Thrust Force 376
    TiAIN Coating Film 359
    Titanium Alloy 94   160   454
    Tool Bending 523
    Tool Chipping 517
    Tool Life 448   517
    Tool Wear 382   454   466
    Torque 442
    Total Variation 656
    Trailing Edge 76
    Tribological Interaction 576
    Tribological Properties 615
    Tribology 284
    Tube Billet Wall Abrasive Grinding 662
    Tungsten Carbide 517
    Turbine Shaft582
    Ultra High Frequency 633
    Ultra High Strength Steel 496
    Ultrasonic 70
    Ultrasonic Assisted Grinding 142   154
    Ultrasonic Grinding 129   135
    Ultrasonic Machining 639
    Ultrasonic Vibration 135   148   255   394
    Ultrasonic Vibration Assistance 508
    V Groove 517
    Vacuum Arc Discharge 615
    Vibration Assisted Polishing 231
    Vibratory Finishing 278   290
    Wafer Grinder 609
    Wafer Polishing 296
    Water 16
    Water Soluble Grinding Fluid 412
    Wear 424
    Wear Flat 177
    Wheel Depth of Cut 28
    Wheel Surface Topography 177
    Wheel Wear 190
    Whirling Phenomenon 430
    Working Temperature 296
    ZnDDP 517
    Zr 4 Alloy Used in Nuclear Industry 70
    Zr 4 Clad Tube 82
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