Edited by
David Dornfeld,
Director of CODEF 2001
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bkcodef.GIF - 63565 BytesNOTES: Though it may not be the hottest topic in manufacturing circles, deburring is important, costing industry millions of dollars each year. Here is a 350+page book that addresses the key issues with controlling burrs that may account for as much as 30% of machining costs. Publications of CODEF (Consortium on Deburring and Edge Finishing) is a collection of 61 technical papers that focus on understanding how burrs form, a perspective that experts in both academia and manufacturing agree is the most important aspect of controlling deburring costs. The papers, which are collected from professional publications such as the Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology and Transactions of the ASME, offer a solid background on a rapidly developing technology to control burrs by preventing or minimizing their formation. Papers show extensive work in drilling and milling that has built a knowledge base of characteristics of many common metals being used in actual production applications. Also highlighted is the BurrExpert, software developed by CODEF to model the effects of machining parameters (feed, speeds, etc.) on the size and shape of burrs. As one paper on geometric approaches shows, often relatively simple procedures, such as planning a different tool pathway, can greatly reduce burr formation. Similarly other papers show how changes in part design can make it easier to shape and finish parts with minimal burrs. This isn't a book of deburring methods, though the book does contain 12 papers on the topic. For methods there's the work by L. Gillispie (Handbook of Deburring and Edge Finishing) where you can find a myriad of techniques ranging from thermal and mechanical methods to robotics processes. If you are serious about controlling the costs of deburring, Publications of CODEF 2nd Edition is an essential purchase.
The Consortium on Deburring and Edge Finishing (CODEF) was established to address problems related to prediction and modeling of burr and edge breakout phenomena, development of a data base of the best burr avoidance and removal techniques from industry, development of a computer aided design (CAD) advisor (a burr expert) for designers and process planners, development of strategies for deburring cell level process feedback and control and identification and development of advanced deburring technologies. .


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