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Handbook of Modern Grinding Technology

By Dr. Stuart C. Salmon
ISBN 0-07-054500-6
225 pages, illust., glossary
Authorized reprint available through the Abrasive Engineering Society
CD: $45 Paper w/coil binding: $65
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A textbook on fundamentals of grinding for training purposes

" a commitment to impart truth and confidence in a noncommerical way"

With his education, ground breaking research on continuous-dress creep feed grinding,and extensive industrial experience, Dr. Salmon is well qualified to discuss machining and grinding in modern industry. Though his company Advanced Manufacturing Science and Technology, now called Next Generation Technology Group Inc., Dr. Salmon consults world wide with companies large and small to optimize processes, to machine and grind next generation materials, to evaluate technologies for suppliers and users alike, and to teach machine operators and management about machining and grinding technology.
Dr. Salmon originally wrote this book in 1988 as part of the Modern Grinding Course for SME which grew into the three-day certificate program with hands on activities. Recognizing the importance of the book to the knowledge base of technical literature for grinding, AES asked for and was given permission to make copies of this book.

Chapter 1. An Introduction to Abrasives I
Abrasives in Our Everyday Lives 2
The History of Abrasives 2
The World Market in Abrasives 6
Chapter 2. The Manufacture and Properties of Abrasives 9
Introduction 9
Silicon Carbide 9
Aluminum Oxide (Fused) 12
Aluminum Oxide (Ceramic) 14
Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) is
Diamond 19
The Properties of Abrasives 21
Concentration 23
Vitrified Bonded Grinding Wheels 26
Resin Bonded Grinding Wheels 30
Rubber Bonded Grinding Wheels 31
Metal Bonded Grinding Wheels 31
Abrasive Belts Coated Abrasives 34
Backing Materials for Coated Abrasives 36
Adhesives for Coated Abrasives 36
The Manufacture of Coated Abrasives 37
The Storage of Coated Abrasives 39
Chapter 3. Abrasive Preparation 41
Grinding Wheel Preparation Mounting 41
Fitting a Coated Abrasive Belt so
Grinding Wheel Conditioning 50
Single Point Dressing 55
Crush Dressing 64
Diamond Roll Dressing 67
Continuous Dressing 85
EDM Dressing Metal Bond Systems 85
Chapter 4. Fundamentals of Grinding 89
A Micro milling Analogy 89
Energy Used for Grinding 94
Chapter 5. Grinding Machine Tool Design 103
Introduction 103
An Historical Perspective 104
Creep feed Grinding Machine Design 106
High speed Grinding Machine Tool Design 109
Vibration In Machine Tools 110
The Next Generation Grinding Machine 112
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) 116
Chapter 6. Cutting Fluid Application and Filtration 121
The Role of the Cuffing Fluid 121
Filtration of the Cutting Fluid 127
Types of Cutting Fluid 129
Chapter 7. Cylindrical Grinding Processes 133
Outside Diameter (OD) Grinding 133
Plain Cylindrical Grinding 135
Plunge Cylindrical Grinding 142
Angle Approach Grinding 149
Internal Diameter (ID) Grinding 153
Cam Grinding 153
In process Gaging 157
Chapter 8. Flat Surface Grinding Processes 161
Reciprocating Grinding 161
Form Surface Grinding Processes 172
Creep feed Grinding 175
Speed feed Grinding 181
Chapter 9. Special Grinding Processes 185
Centeriess Grinding 185
Tool and Cutter Grinding 188
Electrolytic Grinding 190
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