ISBN 87849034205 Progress in Abrasive and Grinding Technology
Edited by Xipeng Xu, Huaqiao University, China.
A collection of 21 solicited papers
196 pages, Trans Tech Publications (ISBN 0-87849-342-5)
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The authors of the 21 invited papers, of both review and research type, come from Australia, China, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan (China), UK and the USA. The abrasive processes covered by this volume include not only grinding and polishing, but also wire-sawing and abrasive water-jet machining addressing both fundamental aspects and novel techniques. These papers provide reviews and analysis of important contemporary technologies for lapping, polishing, ELID, grinding of ceramics, and abrasive waterjet machining applied to advanced materials as well as natural stone materials. This volume was designed to be a tool for production and research engineers, research students and academics.
The author Xipeng Xu is well known for his efforts in many compilations on manufacturing and abrasives technology including the biannual Advances in Grinding and Abrasive Technology series, reports of the Conferences of Abrasive Technology in China.


Development in the Dressing of Super Abrasive Grinding Wheels
   by Berend Denkena, Luis de Leon, B. Wang, D. Hahmann
Page 1
High Speed Grinding of Advanced Ceramics: A Review
   by Han Huang
Page 11
Experimental Investigations on Material Removal Rate and Surface Roughness in Lapping of Substrate Wafers: A Literature Review
   by Wei Long Cong, Peng Fei Zhang, Zhi Jian Pei
Page 23
A Focused Review on Enhancing the Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Performance by Using Controlled Nozzle Oscillation
   by Jun Wang
Page 33
A Review of Electrolytic In-Process Dressing (ELID) Grinding
   by M. Rahman, A. Senthil Kumar, I. Biswas
Page 45
On the Coherent Length of Fluid Nozzles in Grinding
   by M.N. Morgan, V. Baines-Jones
Page 61
Surface Characteristics of Efficient-Ground Alumina and Zirconia Ceramics for Dental Applications
by H. Kasuga, Hitoshi Ohmori, Y. Watanabe, T. Mishima
Page 69
Optimization of Cutting-Edge Truncation in Ductile-Mode Grinding of Optical Glass
   by Junichi Tamaki, Akihiko Kubo
Page 77
On the Polishing Techniques of Diamond and Diamond Composites
   by Y. Chen, Liang Chi Zhang
Page 85
Super Polishing Behaviour Investigation of Stainless Steel Optical Lens Moulding Inserts
   by K. Liu, S.T. Ng, K.C. Shaw, G.C. Lim
Page 97
Corrective Abrasive Polishing Processes for Freeform Surface
   by Xun Chen
Page 103
Applications of Contact Length Models in Grinding Processes
   byH.S. Qi, B. Mills, Xi Peng Xu
Page 113
Polishing Performance of Electro-Rheological Fluid of Polymerized Liquid Crystal Contained Abrasive Grit
   by Takeshi Tanaka
Page 123
Study on Tribo-Fabrication in Polishing by Nano Diamond Colloid
   by W.M. Lin, T. Kato, Hitoshi Ohmori, E. Osawa
Page 131
Efficient Super-Smooth Finishing Characteristics of SiC Materials through the Use of Fine-Grinding
   by H. Kasuga, Hitoshi Ohmori, Wei Min Lin, Y. Watanabe, T. Mishima, T. Doi
Page 137
Polishing of Ultra Smooth Surface with Nanoparticle Colloid Jet
   by Fei Hu Zhang, Xiao Zong Song, Yong Zhang, Dian Rong Luan
Page 143
An Experimental Study on High Speed Grinding of Granite with a Segmented Diamond Wheel
   by Xi Peng Xu, X.W. Zhu, Yuan Li
Page 149
Thinning Silicon Wafer with Polycrystalline Diamond Tools
   by Pei Lum Tso, Cheng Huan Chen
Page 157
Mechanisms of Al/SiC Composite Machining with Diamond Whiskers
   by G.F. Zhang, Bi Zhang, Zhao Hui Deng
Page 165
Effect of Slurry and Nozzle on Hole Machining of Glass by Micro Abrasive Suspension Jets
   by Cheng Yong Wang, P.X. Yang, Jing Ming Fan, Y.X. Song
Page 177
Experimental Investigation of Temperatures in Diamond Wire Sawing Granite
   by Hui Huang, N. Guo, Xi Peng Xu
Page 185

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