suncvr.jpg - 69543 Bytes Sunnen's Complete Cylinder Head and Engine Rebuilding Handbook
by John G. Edwards
ISBN -156990-273-9
503 pages, profusely illustrated
Authorized reproduction from AES
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Preface v
About The Author
Chapter I Combustion And Theory I
Chapter 2 Engine Design 19
Chapter 3 Engine Performance And Diagnosis 69
Chapter 4 Autormotive Fasteners 0
Chapter 5 The Disasembly Process Ill
Chapter 6 Cleaning Techniques 147
Chapter 7 NOT Testing And Failure Analysis 165
Chapter 8 Measurements 201
Chapter9 The Cylinder Block 235
Chapter10 The Cylinder Head 337
Chapter I I Balancing Techniques 413
Chapter 12 Adhesives Students, And Gaskets 427
Chapter 13 AssembTechniques; 447
Glossary 485
Index 491
This book is first and foremost a teaching instrument developed with help from an industry advisory panel for entry level education covering internal combustion engines. For students this is an introduction to the design of a vehicle power plant or the steps to automotive engine rebuilding. For the professional, it offers resource materials not commonly found in the industry.

Highlighted Myths and Truths throughout the book address inaccuracies common to this industry. End of chapter problems help students develop analytical and problem solving abilities. Questions and problems follow Automotive Service Excellence certification test standards. The book uses both international (ISO) and English (SAE) units interchangeably as is the current practices in industry. Tables and charts make good references for learning and future needs of a practicing mechanic and/or engine rebuilding machinist.

  • Combustion and Theory Engine
  • Component Design Engine
  • Performance and Diagnosis
  • Disassembly Process
  • Cleaning Techniques
  • Non Destructive Testing and Failure Analysis
  • Measurements and Related Math
  • Reconditioning of the Block and Head
  • Balancing Techniques
  • Assembly
  • Fasteners Adhesives, Sealants and Gaskets