GRINDING TECHNOLOGY 2ND EDITION An update to the 1979 edition of Grinding Technology by Steve Krar. Updated and expanded throughout with new sections on the use of superabrasives. A basic text for training for job shops, large companies or tech schools. Hand-on activites and instructors guide available. Here is a textbook used by some grinding machine tool makers to train their engineers and sales personnel -- a practical basic introduction to grinding technology concepts and vocabulary.

This Delmar publication has a total of 59 educational units covering setup and techniques of form grinding, edge grinding, grinding an angular surface, grinding a helical milling cutter, etc. Includes Available through AES. For ordering information send an e-mail message to AES.

Machine Tool and Manufacturing Technology
A more general textbook than Grinding Technology above, this book is an introduction to machining as part of manufacturing technology. It is useful for training technical personnel who need an overview of machining concepts covering both traditional and new machine tools. Coverage of grinding is limited to basics of bench and belt grinders and surface grinding machines. With a focus on metalworking applications, this 692-page book covers topics such as measurement, cutting fluids, inspection tools, safety, and basic machining concepts needed by machinists and their supervisors. The book contains 60 educational units with lots of illustrations, many hands-on exercises related to machining and summaries of essential knowledge.
The textbook objectives as outlined by the authors are:
  • Understanding the development of tools throughout history
  • Identify three catagories of machine tools
  • Identify space-aged machines and processes developed since the second industrial revolution
Appendixes include tables of machining math and forumulas. A lab manual and instructor's resource guide are available.
The authors are all well known authorities in training for machine tool technology. Steve Krar is known for his work on over 45 textbooks including the book above as well as Superabrasives: Grinding and Machining, Machine Shop Training, and CNC Technology and Programming. Rapisarda is a writer and producer whose work inlcudes Precision Metal Technology. Check has coauthored works such as Technology of Machine Tools and Machine Shop Fundamentals.
    Table of Contents
  • Evolution of Machine Tools
  • Careers in Manufacaturing
  • Manufacturing Process Planning
  • Safety
  • Measurement
  • Layout Tools and Procedures
  • Metals and Their Properties
  • Principles of Metal Cutting
  • Bench and Hand Tools
  • Power Saws
  • Drill Presses
  • The Engine Lathe
  • Milling Machines
  • Grinders
  • Computer Age Machines
  • Heat Treating
  • Manufacturing Technologies
Machine Tool and Manufacturing Technology
Authors: Steve Krar, Mario Rapisarda, Albert Check,
ISBN 0-8237-6351-6,
Illus. 692p. Delmar 1996
$102USD --volume discounts available.
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