AES can provide a number of technical publications published by other trade organizations in the abrasives industry. Below are some of those available. See our special offer for proceeding in printed or electronic formats. Note: we've added 1963 proceedings to our collection.


  • BO1    Safety Guide for Grinding Wheel Users Do's and Don'ts Pamphlet *
  • B02    Do's and Don'ts -- Diamond Segmented Saw Blades for Flat Concrete Sawing *
  • B03   Do's and Don'ts Using Diamond Segmented Saw Blades for Masonry & Refractory Sawing*
  • B04   Cutting-Off Wheels
  • B05    Disc Grinding - Safe Rules and Methods
  • B06   Grinding Machines - Recommendations for Safety Maintenance on Swing Frame, Mechanical & Floor Stand
  • B07    Handling, Storage and Inspection of Grinding Wheels - Safe Rules and Methods
  • B08    Mounted Wheels - Safe and Efficient Operation, Maximum Operating Speeds
  • B09    Mounting Technique for Cylindrical and Centerless Grinding Wheels
  • B10    Portable Grinding Machines - Safe and Efficient Operation
  • B11    Safety Recommendations for Abrasive Wheel Operations
  • B12    Special Speeds for Grinding Wheels
  • B13    Specifications of Segments Used in Chucks
  • B14    Abrasive Machining - What! Why! How!
  • B15    Safety Procedures for Abrasive Belt Grinding*
  • B16    Safety Procedures for Abrasive Disc Grinding*
  • B17    Proper Storage of Coated Abrasive Products
  • B18   Safe Use of Coated Abrasives with Power Tools in Home Workshop
  • D1    Variables Effecting Superabrasive (diamond) Wheels in Carbide Grinding-- $6
  • D2   Test Procedures for Grinding Carbides with Coolants $4
  • D3  Test Rrocedures for Dry Grinding Tungsten Carbide w/Resinoid Bonded Wheels--$4
  • D4  Technique for Consumer Evaluation of Resinoid Grinding Wheels$6.50
  • D5  Guidelines for Grinding Cemented Carbide with Diamond Wheels-$6.50
  • D9  Description of Maximum Operating Speeds and Normal Operation Speeds for Diamond and CBN Wheels $3.5
  • D11   Evaluation of Diamond Wheels for the Grinding of Ceramics
  • D20  Grinding with Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN)$9
    Items marked with an "*" cost $1.50; other brochures costs $2.50 each. Minimum order of $10 + $2 shipping. Books and videos have prices posted and are subject to change. These items are published by the Unified Abrasives Manufacturers Association and also available on their website.

    • B00    The Grinding Wheel by Kent Lewis.. 1959
      though dated -doesn't include modern day superabrasives- this books is a classic and contains information on products and applications still common in industry. $35.00
    • See also our list of publications by trade publishers and available though AES.
    • V01   American Roulette
      A 28 minute video on safety and grinding wheels.
    • V02   tools that shaped america (34:00)
      A 34 minute video on applcation of grinding wheels.


    • ANSI B7.1    Safety Requirements for the Use, Care and Protection of Abrasive Wheels.
    • ANSI B7.4.2    American National Standard Specifications for Shapes and Sizes of Grinding Wheels, and for Shapes, Sizes, and Indentification of Mounted Wheels.
    • ANSI B74.1    American National Standard Specification for Grading of Certain Abrasive Grain on Coated Abrasive Products
    • CAMI 1    Coated Abrasives -Types,Forms and Sizes
    • American National Standard Fatigue Proof Test Procedure for verified grinding wheels, B74.21
    • American National Standard Design Test for Type 27 Portable Grinding Wheels, B74.22
    • American National Standard Checking the Size of Diamond or CBN Abrasive Products, B74.16
    • ANSI B74.23 Standard for Measuring Relative Crystal Strenght of Diamond and CBN Grit.

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    A complete set of conference proceeding for the Abrasive Engineering Society and its predecessor American Society for Abrasive Methods is now available on 2 CDs. Over 480 technical publications in digital format from 1962 to 1991. See listings
    Individual technical papers, or complete proceedings. Click for samples:
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  • High Res...original format, fine resolution



    Following are a number of papers from AES's library and previous placed on the AES BookShelf as important publications. Copies $3 plus shipping (minimum order of $10)
    P2    The Effect of Machine Adjustment of Wheel Performance on Double Disc Grinding by Fred V. Rodgers
    1974 Reprint for 12th Annual ASAM Conference
    P3    The Peripheral Se#mental Grinding Wheel by M.C. Shaw. 1974-
    Reprint from 12th Annual ASAM Technical Conference
    P4    Electrolytic Grinding Update by Jack L. McMillen - 1974
    Reprint from 12th Annual ASAM Conference
    P5  Techniques for Consumer Evaluation of Resinoid Grinding Wheels
    Reprint of DWMI Series 106 publication
    P7    Rapid Shock Removal with Coated Abrasives by R.J. Marchant
    Conferenece Reprint
    P8    Capabilities of Automatic Buffing and Polishing The State of the Technology by Edward Tulinski
    Conference Reprint
    P12    Modern Snagging - The Way to Decrease Costs in Steel Manufacturing by Lennart Gustafson - 1973
    P16    Applications of Resin Bonded Diamond Wheels for Carbide Grinding by J.F. Spanitz - 1974
    P17    The Manufacturing Engineer's Approach to Grinding by Charles E. Lindberg - 1974
    P18    The Intrinsic Characteristics of Ground Surfaces by Chander P. Bhateja - 1975
    P21    Increased Removal Rates and Improved Surface Integrity by Creep-Feed Grinding (Up-dated Evaluation 4/84) by Dr. Gunther Werner
    P22    Recent Advances in Grinding by Gunther Werner - 1978
    P23    New Concepts of Grinding with Coated Abrasive Belts by Heinrich Osterrath
    P24    Taking Advantage of the Latest Abrasive Manufacturing Technology by Dr. S. Salmon

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