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    Grinding Technology 2nd MalkinGrinding Technology 2nd Edition ,by Stephen Malkin and Changsheng Gao. A major update to an authorative source on applications for grinding wheels. A blend of theorgy and application expertise useful for education, troubleshooting, design or improvement of grinding practices. Written explicitly for researcher or engineers. 372 Pages. $90.00 plus shipping. Details

    Machinining with Grinding Wheels by MarinescuHandbook of Machining with Grinding Wheels,by Ioan D. Marinescu, Mike Hitchiner, Eckart Uhlmann,W. Brian Rowe,and Ichiro Inasaki. The first comprehensive applications book in over a decade including details of superabrasives and conventional abrasives. A complete discussion of production applications covering topics ranging from the basics of material removal to design and control of machine tools. Noteworthy is coverage of proper use of centerless, ID, OD, and surface grinding machine tools with practical, real-world examples of a variety of common materials. 596 Pages. $149.00 plus shipping. Details

    Handbook of Advanced Ceramics MachiningHandbook of Advances Ceramics Machining, Edited by Ioan D. Marinescu. State-of-the-art knowledge written by experts who have spent their careers studying ceramic machining and ceramic stock removal mechanisms. Includes chapters on the mechanisms of grinding ceramic, strength of ceramics, and ELID grinding. $159.00 plus shipping. Details

    Handbook of Lapping and PolishingHandbook of Lapping and Polishing, Edited by Ioan D. Marinescu. The first book written in English to thoroughly cover lapping and polishing covering scientific basis for empirical findings. Responding to demands, particularly the electronic industry, this book shows the transformation of the art of lapping and polishing into deterministic processes backed by mechanical and tribological sciences. Contributors come from both academia and industry with extensive experience in both the theoretical and practical applications. Noteworthy is the sections on chemical mechanical polishing(CMP). An essential tool for anyone concerned with precision finishing of metal and nonmetal components. $149.00 plus shipping. Details

    precision grinding training materialsPRECISION GRINDING, 1st Edition,by Victor E. Repp, Ed.D, published by the National Tooling and Machining Association. 318 Pages. $76.00 plus shipping. Also available: An instructor’s manual $50 Details

    An update to the 1979 edition of Grinding Technology by Steve Krar. Expanded throughout with new sections on the use of superabrasives. A basic text for training of machinists and engineers in job shops, large companies or tech schools. Hand-on activites and instructors guide available. A practical basic introduction to grinding technology concepts and vocabulary. Details

    Machine Tool and Manufacturing TechnologyMachine Tool and Manufacturing Technology,by Steve Krar, and others, OUT OF PRINT. . An instructor's manual is also available.
    An introduction to machining as manufacturing technology, useful as an overview of machining concepts of both traditional and new methods. With a focus on metalworking applications, this 692-page book covers topics such as measurement, cutting fluids, inspection tools, safety, and basic machining for machinists and their supervisors. The book contains 60 educational units with illustrations, hands-on exercises related to machining and summaries of essential knowledge. Details

    Superabrasives Grinding and MachiningSUPERABRASIVES GRINDING AND MACHINING by E. Ratterman and Steve Krar. Out of prints but some copies still available.
    A text book used in certification programs of Industrial Diamond Association, this is one of the most complete textbook focused upon the use of superabrasives for machinists. Pages still under construction. AES STILL HAS COPIES OF THIS OUT OF PRINT BOOK Contact AES for details.

    Sunnen's Complete Cylinder Head and Engine Rebuilding HandbookSUNNEN'S COMPLETE CYLINDER HEAD AND ENGINE REBUILDING HANDBOOK,by John G. Edwards, published by Sunnen Products Co. 494 pages. $50 plus shipping. Digital copies only.
    Complete guide to the application of abrasives in engine rebuilding by a leading manufacturer of honing tools. This book is now out of print but copies are available through AES. Pages still under construction. Contact AES for details. Though this book is now out of print, AES has digital copies on hand.

    Modern Grinding Process TechnologyMODERN GRINDING PROCESS TEHCNOLOGY,by Dr. Stuart Salmon, $55 plus shipping. Currently out of print, but some copies are available.
    An good introductory text that has a focus upon abrasives rather than machining. Coverage ranges from types of abrasives to specific types of grinding machining processes. Pages still under construction. Contact AES for details.

    MACHINING WITH ABRASIVESMACHINING WITH ABRASIVES,by Richard McKey $55 plus shipping. currently out of print, but copies are available.
    The first book published on the industrial applications of bonded and coated abrasives good written by a technical writer specializing in abrasives technology. Pages still under construction. Contact AES for details.

    The GRINDING WHEELTHE GRINDING WHEEL,by Kent Lews $45plus shipping.
    Though somewhat dated (1976 last edition) this book still stands as the best overview of how grinding wheels are made and they are used. This resources provdies a critical link between traditional concepts of the last century and current practices. Pages still under construction. Contact AES for details.

    Handbook of Modern Grinding TechnologyHANDBOOK OF MODERN GRINDING TECHNOLOGY ,by Robert King and Robert Hahn $75 plus shipping.
    One of the best technical resources for theories behinds contemporary methods of production machining and finishing using bonded and coated abrasive products. Robert Hahn is a pioneer in grinding research whose work has deeply influenced current technology. Details.

    A cooperative effort headed by Dr. Marinesu, Abrasive Micromachining Center, University of Toledo, this 650-page gathers the expertise of technical experts worldwide to collect and organize the science of using abrasives. Topics include discussion of abrasive minerals, heat transfer, thermal stress, molecular dynamics, griding fluids and much more. Details

    PRINCIPLES OF ABRASIVE PROCESSINGPRINCIPLES OF ABRASIVE PROCESSING,by Dr. M. Shaw $250 plus shipping (subject to change), publishers says the book is out of print but available through print on demand services. However, AES has copies still in stock
    This book is the cumulation of knowledge acquired in Shaw's long of history of research in machining and grinding technology -- one of the few comprehensive resources on the material science fundamentals for abrasives and their application. Like his work on metalcutting, Shaw's work on chip formation theories and heat transfer were critical to the development of contemporary grinding theory. Print on demand publications-slow delivery. Details

    Creep Feed GrindingCREEP FEED GRINDING,by Colin Andrews, Trevor Howes, and Tom Pearce, out of print but AES has copies still available in stock
    This is the definitive book of creep feed grinding by reknowned experts. In the disucssion on creep feed grinding are good discussions of thermal analysis and grinding fluids. Available in electronic format on a CD. More details

    HIGH EFFICIENCY DEEP GRINDINGHIGH EFFICIENCY DEEP GRINDING Dr-ING Taghi Tawakoli, Mechanical Engineering Publications, $38 plus shipping. Tawakoli is one of the researchers who was responsible for research and development of HEDG technology. This book details the surprising benefits from creep feed grinding with very high wheel speeds. Available in electronic format on a CD. Contact AES for table of contents and availablity

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