Chatter has long been a problem in machining and grinding. With trends for higher precision and greatly reduced tolerance, solutions to chatter problems have become increasingly important. Though chatter is simply a consequence of vibration within a grinding system, finding causes for the vibration and developing corrective strategies can be difficult. Essentially there are two types of chatter-causing vibration: forced and self excited (regenerative). The former is vibration independent of the grinding wheel and workpiece with sources that range from spindle bearings to machine tools operating nearby. Regenerative vibration, a type of chatter first described by Robert Hahn, starts as a slip-slide interaction between wheel and workpiece. A recent paper presented by Inasaki at a CIRP meeting provides a fuller explanation of the many facets of chatter and suppression technology. The listing below show some of the resources available from AES.


Chatter is discussed in many of the prominent textbooks in grinding technology. For a fuller bibliographic description or availablity of these books,contact AES.
  1. Principles of Modern Grinding Technology by Rowe.. discussion on pages 247-254
  2. Handbook of Machining with Grinding Wheels by Marinescu ... see chapter 8
  3. Grinding Technology 2nd Edition by Dr. S Malkin ...see chapter 12
  4. Machining Data Handbook 3rd Edition.. discussion in chapter 22 titled Machine Chatter and Vibration on pages 1 through 24
  5. Grinding Theory, Techniques and Troubleshooting: ... has a chapter on Principles of Grinding by Hahn and Lindsay pages 36-41 and pages 45-
  6. Handbook of Modern Grinding Technology by King and Hahn ... has chapter Grinding Chatter and Vibrations written by K Srinivasan
  7. Creep Feed Grinding by Andres, Howes and Pearce... has brief discussion on pages 42 and 120
  8. Principles of Abrasive Processing by Milton Shaw...covers the topic on pages 283-286
  9. Tribology of Abrasive Machining Processes ...latively short section on page 440.


The greatest resource is technical papers. Here are a few items from our library. Selected abstracts appear below; for others please make a request.


AES is a reseller of technical papers published by other agencies such as SME or TransTech. Following are examples related to chatter.

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