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Publications on a wide variety abrasives related topics published by trade publishers and professional organizations.
Blast Cleaning TechnologyBlast Cleaning Technology,by A Momber. The most comprehensive and up-to-date resource on the applications of high velocity abrasives to removal surface materials or surface preparation. Written by a scholar who draws information from hundreds of other sources, this work covers the materials science behind blast cleaning technology and includes a thorough analysis of a facets of using the technology ranging from the selection of nozzle and air supplies to the economics of suing various blast media. 540 Pages. $142.00 plus shipping. Details

Mass Finishing HandbookMass Finishing Handbook,by L. Gillespie. The first comprehensive book writting on the use of abrasives to deburr and finish components in industry. Here is pratical compendium that can serve as the "bible" of information on finishing components en masse. The writing style and coverage make it useful for management purposes, training, troubleshooting, reference, and professional advancement. The “how-to” details of all mass finishing/loose abrasive finishing processes will be as useful to experienced finishers as first-time users. Though the book is useful as a whole, the layout and writing are well designed for quick study of a particular technologies such as centrifugal barrel finishing. 528 Pages. $110.00 plus shipping. Details

Deburring and Edge Finishing HandbooDeburring and Edge Finishing Handbook,by L. Gillespie,
Written by the World’s leading expert in burrs and deburring techiques, this book is a one-of-a-kind, the most comprehensive book ever written on the topic. Covering over 100 internationally recognized methods, this book covers theory, standards, burr prevention, standards, and equipment. Using this book, readers can explore deburring technology and discover the trade-offs of cost, quality, efficiency and aesthetic factors. 400+, 300+Illustrations, Hard Cover $150 plus shipping. Details

Hand Deburring Increasing Shop ProductivityHand Deburring,by L. Gillespie
Here is a treasure trove of information on manual deburring tools and practices. A compliment to the Deburring and Edge Finishing Handbook, this work give insight into technical and human issues that encompass deburring technology. Though the prevailing manufacturing culture sees automation as the solution to deburring problems a worldwide survey indicates hand processes out number other methods by a factor of 20 to 1. This is a source for background in the technology, a glossary, standards developed by the Worldwide Burr Technology Committee, cost calculations, common practices , as well as social and management issues. 468 Pages, $120 plus shipping. Details

Burrs from Drilling by Dr. Julie SteinBurrs From Drilling,by Dr. Julie Stein, $75 plus shipping.
A comprehensive study on burrs produced by drilling summarizes Dr. Stein's work and the work of others in an easy to read and statistically defensible discussion. With stainless steel as the discussion focus, photos, tables, and graphs characterize burrs and drill geometry’s, drilling conditions, and part geometry. Details

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